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[ Please don't thank me for watches/favorites/Twinkies/whatever.

Happiest Dane you'll ever know | Yes , Danish People are know to be the Most happiest people on earth. So Erika will take advantage of that , widely all of y'all should know Denmark is a very happy person. It's quite rare to bring her hopes down and if that's possible she sulks for hours maybe months. Even though the peppy Dane looks so glee , there's time where she can fake it but it's a rare cause but it's quite obvious when she is. Now let's get into details when she's pissed or something close related to that -- since Erika is very stubborn she usually blames the cause of her anger to the person who was "purposely" made her in that emotion even though in most cases it's her fault. Her pissed off emotions don't last long as she personally believes in it's better to forgive and forget but this is optional ; depending on what the person has done. More facts to know is she rather clingy and touchy , but this goes to very close friends/family.

Boy or girl -- no it's a girl | When you first see Denmark she looks like a guy ; later you stupidly find out she's a girl unless you're like a long time BFFL , then yeah you know it by now or you should know if you go to the World conferences. When it comes to doing things ; Erika enjoys doing what girls do ( shops , do facial you know what I mean ) -- but she most likely does sports outside home or sleep in her boxers all day long. I should mention she's a lazy girl , but not the case right now. Either way she acts as if she's one of the guys. She got this from her viking age ; why? Women weren't allowed to be vikings just viking wives so as rebellious as Denmark she cut off her long hair , bind her chest , etc. It did scare the living hells of some people after they found out it was Denmark that kick their asses. Fun fact : She likes to be depended on when it comes to the 'man' things at home , she feels as needed around home. It doesn't mean she doesn't like being a girl , she's happily likes being female . Erika just doesn't like how girls as usually seen as.

So I heard you like drinking | Them Danes and their cheap beer. Erika does drink not 24/7 but when she's invited or when it's necessary (for her ) to do so. But when she drinks -- she literally drinks until she gets drunk. And that's the part were (you) take her back home and (you) need to take care of her hangover or she will torture you about how you left her and how she reeks of cheap beer. Denmark isn't afraid to take in a drinking game either ; it'll be fun I promise. But when Denmark does turn drunk she gets real weird and clingy , touchy more worse than she already was.

"Just living is not enough. One must have
sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."

- Hans Christian Andersen



Holy shit!

Kongeriget Danmark
.: | Guds hjælp, Folkets kærlighed, Danmarks styrke | :.
Kingdom - Of - Denmark

Erika Køhler
The Lego Queen
the Duchess of fail swagger
Captain Suck my imaginary dick , I'm Denmark

❖ 175 cm | 64 kg* | Danish | Female | Bisexual | appearing 28-ish ( she is an old nation guise )❖

Denmark is a tall female at 5'9 and 142 lbs. She supports short wild blonde hair that flips up to the left side
and bright blue eyes. Her features are androgynous . Erika is very flat-chested and her facial features tend to look sharp.
Her face shape is diamond shaped with a straight nose and almond eyes. She also have thin lips that are always in a smirk,
along with thin lashes and blonde brows. If you look at her you can tell Erika does not wears makeup at all. You typically will
find her in a red baggy button up shirt ( usually open mid-way showing her chest ) , red/black shorts, and a black vest.
Along with the famous tiny black hat.
Unofficial design

Capital | København* , Danmark | *Copenhagen
Known for | Vikings , The Happiest place on Earth , H.C Andersen , oldest European monarchy
Speaker of | Danish , English , German , French
Places to visit | Copenhagen , Tivoli Gardens , Nyhavn , Glyptoteket , The little Mermaid statue

vi·va·cious /vəˈvāSHəs/ ( adj. )
1. Full of animation and spirit; lively

es·cap·ism /s-ˈkā-ˌpiz-əm/ (n. )
1. habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or
entertainment as an escape from reality or routine

Roleplayer > Is an American derp , I live in the East Coast.
English isn't my first language , so please excuse me on some typos/grammar.
I know basic Danish -- and I know enough to get me food.
My favorite pairings are: just ask me yo.
I prefer lit over script but both work out fine.
Smut is a rare chance ; but if it does occur [ 98% it will not ] it needs to go through notes.
Love interest could be reserved , but it needs to developed.
Oh and the *64 kg ;I'm unsure if that the ideal weight for a person at 175 cm
P.S : I'm an idiot when it comes to starters so 99.9% of time I don't...just so you know.

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{{ Don't shoot me for thanking for the watch,
Secondly, love your icon...
Thirdly, the 64kg is perfectly healthy for a 175 cm tall person. At least, according to BMI...
Fourthly, I'm sorry I do script with this account OTL }}

[ stares up curiously at the tall, tall Denmark ]

H-h-hello, miss...

[ feels tiny compared to her;; ]
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"Privyet~~" He greeted warmly.
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" . . Hälsningar, Erika . ." The Swede greeted with a dilatory wave. Before using the same hand to run through his chaotic pale, platinum locks.

" . . It's been a while . . "
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